1980's Market Theatre Photo Gallery Johannesburg /
Two solos and one group

2009 The Artist's Gallery Simon's Town / Solo

2009 Cape Town School of Photography / Solo

2010 Cape Town School of Photography / Solo

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Michel le Sueur has had a lifelong passion for photography.

Working solely in black and white for many years, his work as a window dresser, architectural draughtsman and graphic designer informed his photographic style, leading him to experiment with form, structure and texture in his pictures; some of which were used as blowups in Duncan Bayne's furniture showroom, the Helios calendar and various exhibition invitations for the Lidchi Art Gallery.

The three exhibitions he mounted at the Market Theatre Photo Gallery, Johannesburg and publication in 'The Flying Springbok' and 'Keeping Track' highlighted the irresistible attraction of colour, enhancing the abstract graphic quality of his work.

Capturing the shapes and forms in nature, always conscious of the negative and positive spaces as well as the subtle nuances of light and shadow in an ever-changing landscape, whether it be the vastness of the skies and mountains, the minuteness of bubbles in a stream or reflections on a still sea.

In essence, the macrocosm and microcosm of the world around us reveal themselves in his pictures.

Recent work is in the nature of 'Photo Impressionism' being combinations of several original colour slides sandwiched together, scanned and digitally edited to produce a unique image.